My name’s Karen Willis and This blog is based on my life experiences with Asperger’s Syndrome (a mild form of autism), life as a Special Olympics Athlete, and many more experiences I went through as a child and teenager along with life before Special Olympics. I’m 22 years old and I live in Millbrook, Alabama with my parents Chyrl and Jerry Willis. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when I was 4 years old and life for me has been a challenge while it also has its triumphs and challenges. I’m now an adult with autism and want to help along with inspiring the next generation of families that have kids with autism along with making a difference across the country in sharing my story on my life with Autism. I know that my granddad James Crump would be very proud of his granddaughter if he was here today but he’s smiling down. Part of the reason for this blog is that I can share my life experiences with Autism and that I can help others across the country. I look forward to getting know you guys and sharing my life experiences from the past to where I am today as a young adult with autism.



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