Life with Autism in the Public School System

I started going to public school in Kindergarden when I was 5 years old at Robinson Springs School in Millbrook, Alabama and I continue to go to Robinson Springs from the 1st grade til the 3rd grade. I had three great teachers but to be honest my top favorite out of the three was Mrs. Jacki Smith, my second grade teacher back in 1999. School life was good but everything changed when I started 4th grade in 2001 at Millbrook Middle School and to be honest the 4th grade was a living nightmare for me because not only did most of my classmates bullied me and excluded me but also my main 4th grade teacher would call me names like Mother Goose and other hateful names then my classmates would laugh at my face which was very hurtful and a disgrace for a teacher to do that (I had two teachers in the 4th grade and one teacher assistant, I had teacher assistants from kindergarden through 3rd grade at Robinson Springs School). There’s one day in school during 4th grade where my best guy friend was almost encouraged by my main teacher to punch me in the face and I felt betrayed after that. Unfortunately, the bullying only got much worse at the after school camp at YMCA in Millbrook and I felt so much alone and excluded from everyone else. These four junior high guys would tease me for my weight along with that some other of the kids would make fun of me and everyone would excluded me from everything during after school, I just wanted to get out and get away from this nightmare. After 4th grade was over, bullying still continue while attending summer camp at the YMCA and that was a living nightmare. I felt like I was being thrown in jail for no reason, I got into problems because the ones who bullied me blamed it on me when I didn’t even do a thing. I just wanted to run away and never go back, but I was forced to go because I was still too young to stay at home. I just wished that my parents understood what I was going through that summer but they didn’t believe me after I got blamed for something I didn’t but I ended up getting punished for no reason and my punishment, I didn’t get to go swimming in the pool and I was forced to watch everyone else swim. My inner thoughts were I wanted this nightmare to be over I just hated the summer and hated myself for being this way along with a curvy body. If it weren’t for my parents getting me out of the school system, I don’t think I would be alive today and I would have tried to end my suffering. My advice is that if you see someone that’s being bullied or teased, take a stand for them, help them out, and be a friend to them. Don’t wait until it’s too late because I almost consider ending my life during middle school but I stayed strong during those tough times and I’m living life to the fullest today. I hope that we can put an end to bullying and that we can become more accepting of people that are different than others.


4 responses to “Life with Autism in the Public School System

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  2. Karen, I am so sorry that you had to live through the nightmare of bullying. It is a horrible experience. Children are often cruel to each other. My son has autism and some kids at school pick on him and call him retarded. It breaks my heart. The best we can do is try to educated the public about autism and special needs. You are doing that with your words. Remember, you matter. Your story matters.

  3. Sorry that your son going through the same nightmare and what upsets me is when the r word is used on people with disabilities because we don’t like the word at all. Thank you following my blog and feel free to share this blog with your friends. there will be more posts in the week ahead, I’m taking today off due to church and spending time with my family.

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