Getting out of the Public School System

4th grade was a living nightmare because my teachers didn’t give me the right teaching and I was bullied from classmates to my teacher. Also, I was teased and bullied during after school program and summer camp after school had ended for the year and I just wanted to put an end to my inner pain. Before 5th grade started, my parents decided that enough was enough with the public school system and they freed me from the school system. I felt that I could start the healing process from my year of being teased and bullied by most of my classmates, my main teacher, and the kids from the Y. If my parents had kept me in the public school system, I think the bullying might have gotten much worse and I probably would have tried taking my own life because I was at a breaking point and I couldn’t take the bullying any longer. My mom gave up her job to start homeschooling me and I still thank her for doing what she did. My parents have sacrificed a lot for me, so that my mom could homeschool me and I’m still thankful for them to this day. My advice to students is that if you see someone being bullied then I would encourage you to take a stand for the person and be a good friend to them, don’t wait until it’s too late because kids have taken their own lives because they couldn’t take the bullying anymore and I don’t want to see another child end their life when they have a lot to offer the world. It’s time that we put a stop to bullying in schools and everywhere else in society because we have a lot to offer in the world.


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