New Beginnings and Life Changing Moment

5th grade comes around, my mom quit her job as a secretary and she started homeschooling me. I felt like I was being released from the misery I dealt with from bullying in the 4th grade, there were days I got to do school work in my pajamas and had some 3 hours of schoolwork. During that year, as my mom and I were leaving the Montgomery Therapeutic Recreation Center for the day, I was approached by the the Blue Marlins Swim Team coach at the time (Greg Taunton known as the Balloon Man) and I was given the opportunity for a spot on the swim team but there were some things I need to achieve in order to make the team, I had to swim freestyle and backstroke down and back without touching the wall. I also got to practice with the team in the summer and fall, I officially made the swim team in November of 2002 and life as I knew was about to change because I would be become a Special Olympics Athlete. My first swim meet was in Scottsboro, Alabama in 2003 and I won all of my races in the 25 meter freestyle, 25 meter backstroke, and 4×25 freestyle relay. When I made the team, I felt like I was included in a group for a change and the atmosphere was like a second family to me and I also realized that life was going to change in a good way because God has given me the talent of competitive swimming. I will never forget that day for the rest of my life and i’m blessed to have made the team. This was what I wanted and I worked real hard for it, I succeed and made the team. I was hoping that someday I would represent the United States at World Games because that’s always been a dream of mine after watching Michael Phelps and many other Olympic swimmers compete in the Olympics. Michael Phelps is my swim hero because he’s almost like me, he has ADHD and I have Autism. I watch and learn new swimming tricks to use during a race and I would practice them during swim practice. School life had gotten better for me and I couldn’t imagine things could get better than this. When I was 11 years old, I got baptized and accepted Jesus Christ into my life, to be honest I felt it was the right decision because he’s given me the blessings I’ve experienced but moving on from that subject, my mom got a choir directing job opportunity at Millbrook Presbyterian in 2004 and I was officially a teenager,there was going to be some challenges and blessings.


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