Life as a teenager with Autism part 1

I turned 13 on August 26th 2004 which marked a milestone and it was official that I was now a teenager with Autism. My teenager years were both good and challenging, I had a hard time fitting in with my church family’s youth group at first because of the autism and I was nervous to socialize because of the fear on saying the wrong thing and getting made fun for it. I was put on Zoloft because I was doing some strange things like scratching myself too much and my parents would soon regret with the Zoloft. Now the hard topic on my teenage life which is romance because that had been difficult for me because of the lack of socializing and lack of body language. The zoloft had made me worse,suicidal thoughts came with it, and it wasn’t funny either. I experienced heartbreak for the first time and it was a tough feeling to take it because I felt at the time that I wasn’t good enough for anyone because of the autism. During that time, I almost wanted to take my life again but I had to go on and live life along with staying friends. Heartbreak can be a difficult thing to go through and it’s very hard but life must go on and that’s what I did after that tough experience, I know that someone special will come into my life someday and I’m in no rush for that day to come. My advice is put the negative behind you and move forward with the positive things you have with your life. I feel more at peace with myself everyday and that I appreciate life’s opportunities and triumphs that have occurred with me over the years.


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