Life as a teenager with Autism part 2

Even though I had some tough challenges, I also had some good times like I got my drivers permit at the age of 15 after three attempts and then getting my drivers license on the first try during the drivers test when I was 17. I started advocating on autism awareness during my senior year of high school and I would give out talks to groups on my life experiences along with spreading awareness. I also had a lot on my mind at the time like figuring out my future in life. I got to tour Faulkner University during my senior year on Homeschool day and the experience was great but at the end of the day, I felt that college at this time wasn’t the best thing for me because I didn’t want to stop competing in Special Olympics and I was feared of getting bullied again. I wanted to enjoy what life outside of school had to offer for a change, I wanted to find ways to get more involved in advocating for autism awareness because I felt there was a need of more young leaders in disability and autism awareness. I could already pictured myself as an activist for the disability and autism community because I felt the need of change for more acceptance in society and the services we need to help us live independent lives.


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