Life After High School and Life Changing Opportunity

My life after high school and graduating with my high school diploma with honors had became extremely busy. I started on the job training with ALFA by Easter Seals and it was a great experience for me, the training only lasted for a month. A week after turning 18, my parents got me my first car and I still have the car to this day. My car is a 2006 Hyundai Sonata V6 which I like, I’m into sport cars and cars that have four doors with some cool technology. September 19th 2009 will be a day I’ll never forget, my parents and I were about to head out to go do some shopping when suddenly my dad handed me a letter from the state Special Olympics office and I opened it slowly but when I opened the letter, it said Congratulations and then the big news I was selected to represent Alabama in swimming for the 2010 Special Olympics National Games in Lincoln, Nebraska. I was so excited and blessed that I mistakenly honked the horn of my mom’s car as I praising God and jumping around. It was a huge honor for my swimming career and that I would be representing my state in the sport I come to love. I knew that my swimming career would be changed for the better once I’ve found out that I was getting representing my state in swimming. Special Olympics has changed my life so much since I started competing at the age of 11.


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