Senior Year and Graduation Night 2009

My senior year of high school was unlike your typical senior year, my senior year was very busy with advocating, mission trips, and preparing for life as an adult. I have yet to get my senior pictures made but hopeful that will happen in the near future. My swimming career in Special Olympics was busy too and I had qualified for the national games in Lincoln, Nebraska before heading off to Iowa City, Iowa to help out the flood victims in Iowa and I went to a children’s home called Palmer Home for Children in February (It’s a place for children that have been abused and neglected by their parents, Palmer Home is a Christian organization and I’ve been blessed to have gone to help the group out for seven years now, I’m hoping to go again for the eighth time next year. Being able to give back to people that need help the most always brings me thankfulness to what I have in my life. Graduation night had arrived on June 13, 2009 and it was a night I’ll never forget because I had family and friends to gather to see me get my high school diploma. My parents threw me a ceremony and reception since I was the only one graduating and I got to pick out my cap and gown which I still have to this day along with my tassel. My colors were blue and white in honor of my swim team, I made a slideshow cd of pictures of me from the past to present. I even got to throw my cap in the air and caught it to avoid losing my cap. As high school was coming to a close for me and the next phase of life lying ahead of me I wanted to enjoy life while I was still a teenager because once you turn 20, the teen years come to a close and you enter the young adult life. My advice to high school seniors is that enjoy your last year of high school while you can because once you get the high diploma and graduate, the reality of adulthood and figuring out life begins.


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