My Calling in Life

Most of my life, I’ve always had a passion in advocating for people with disabilities and lately I’ve also developed a bit of a liking in politics due to my advocacy work. Once I became a self advocate and gotten involved with self advocacy, politics had come into my life because I want to advocate on what will be the best thing for people with disabilities and there’s one side that I’m very impressed with, however the other side I’m not impressed because the other side’s in favor of disability service cuts and we can’t have that because we need the services to have support in our lives. There was a moment in church that I’ve realized that I need to follow my heart in life’s adventures, I also realized that I need to be myself and do things that I feel is the best for me in life despite at times that people might not agree with me on my views but as of now, I will not let it get to me anymore because I have a right to my opinion just like they do with theirs. I want to have fun in life like being able to have opportunities to hang out with friends and go on road trips with them, I just want to have an awesome social life while I’m still young because I don’t want to regret anything in life and you only get to live young one time. My calling in life is being involved with advocating in disability rights and making a difference in politics by advocating and representing the disability community.


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