Four years ago on September 19th

Four years ago this morning on September 19th 2009, my swimming career hit an major achievement. As my parents and I were about to leave to go out, my dad handed me a letter from the state office Special Olympics in my state and I was selected to represent my state at national games in Lincoln, Nebraska for swimming. I was excited and blessed when I found out the news while accidentally bumping the car horn. My ultimate goal is trying to get on Team USA at World Games in Los Angeles, CA in 2015 for swimming. I hope that my hard work will pay off and that I get to make my World Games debut on USA soil. I didn’t get picked for World Games last time but I will not have my dream and goal get taken away from me again. I’m very determined to make my goal a reality in the next two years, I’ll be figuring out things on this goal in the next few weeks. I will find a way to qualify for World Games and get on Team USA, I’m very determined and I refuse to back down until this goal becomes a reality. I’m extremely blessed that God gave me this once in a lifetime opportunity because it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve something like this.


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