Looking Ahead to the Next Goal in Swimming

It’s been awhile since my last blog but I’ve been awaiting news on my fate with Team Alabama for nationals and I can know realize that I did not make it back to nationals and to represent Team Alabama for a second time next year. Even though I’m disappointed, I know that someday I’ll get my second chance at the national level in the future and I’m excited for my fellow athletes that got picked to go. I’m now looking ahead to my next goal and that goal is to try to qualify next year for Team USA at World Games in Los Angeles, CA in 2015. I’ve set my goal to prepare for the upcoming competitive season in 2014, I’ll be trying to get into top shape and getting my swimmer’s body that I desire for. My advice to those going to the national games for the first time is to do your best, have the time of your life, and try to save most of your competitive energy for finals. I hope for the day that my life story before Special Olympics will touch people someday and that I inspire people. I felt honored to be one of the best swimmers in Alabama and that’s something that I hold dear to while trying to get better and faster every practice. My ultimate goal and dream is having the opportunity to represent the United States in swimming, I look up to the Olympic Swimmers but the swimmer I look up to the most is Michael Phelps and I hope to meet him someday along with other Olympic Swimmers because I would love to be a role model for people and be the best of the best someday. I may be not going to nationals again this time but I’m not giving up the day that I’ll have a second shot at the national level and win a gold medal at the national level someday. My advice is keeping trying to achieve your goals and dreams if you don’t achieve it the first time, pick yourself back up and keep going until you achieve what you desire to achieve. I’m not looking back anymore, I’m now looking ahead and picking myself back up to become the best of the best and be an inspiration.


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