Hard Times

There are days where I try to find myself as an adult but that hasn’t been easy because of the lack of social life opportunities in my local area. I like to socialize and have a fun time but it can be challenging due to autism since it can be difficult socializing and knowing what to say next without messing up a conversation with friends or with a person that’s inspired by my story with Autism along with trying to answer their questions. I’ve always been outgoing and wanting to have a social life with friends along with trying to make new friends but that can be challenging. I’m working on a book based on my life with Autism and I hope to help more people including more families of kids with autism. After the loss of my teammate Ben Proctor and my granddad James Crump, I realize that there’s no reason for why they were taken too soon but I want to enjoy the people that are in my life now while they’re still here because you never know when they would be gone. I will always remember the people that I got the privilege to know and my family that have gone on to heaven and hold their memories in my heart.


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