Becoming the Person That I Desire to Be

I’ve always pictured myself and my life to being well known by inspiring people with my life experiences with Autism along with giving hope to families of kids with autism and raising awareness on Autism. After finding out that I had Asperger’s Syndrome (a mild form of autism), I’ve realized that my life wasn’t going to be a normal life just like everyone but I still wanted to have a life just like everyone else even though I was going to have challenges, I wasn’t going to let that stop me from living and enjoying life. During my childhood, I felt as if I was a lost girl in my community because I was being excluded, not being accepted, and I was getting teased and bullied in school. I almost wanted to run away and take my own life, so I wouldn’t have to deal with this pain and loneliness anymore but I prevailed and kept fighting my battle in school. I’ve always wanted to write a book about my life experiences on the autism spectrum, so that people all over the US can see my story and hopefully be inspired and I’ve even wanted to do a book tour someday which I already have some US cities in mind for when the time comes, I also hope to do a documentary or even a movie about my life experiences someday. I now know that God gave me Autism for a reason and I’m going to make a difference in this country along with doing what I’m destined to do in my life. I may have Autism but that’s not going to stop me from doing things in life and becoming the person that I want to be.


3 responses to “Becoming the Person That I Desire to Be

  1. Thank you! 2014 has exciting things for me, I’ll be releasing my first book titled My Life Journey with Autism and it will be about my life with autism. It will likely be sometime next month when my book will be released.

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