Times When We Have to Make Life Changing Decisions in Life

Being an adult with autism has its triumphs and challenges because we all go through life’s challenges and triumphs in our lives everyday. We also get granted with opportunities and chances of a lifetime, but there are questions that we face everyday in our lives like Is this the right opportunity for me? Is this the best thing for me to do? Am I doing this for the right reason? We all make decisions in our lives when comes to life changing opportunities like being offered a job in another state, going to an audition for a movie, doing something for yourself, or even going to be with the person you love with all your heart. I have friends that have or will soon face with those tough decisions in their lives and it’s granted them opportunities of a lifetime. It can be very difficult when a friend or someone you care about dearly moves to a different state and I know it’s very hard because I’ve gone through this many times with friends that have moved to different states and cities to go do other things like a new job, going off to college, and joining the military. I’ve had moments in my life where I faced some life changing decisions but not the decisions that everyday people face, I got to travel to a lot of cities in the United States like St. Paul, Minnesota, Washington DC, and other places because I took a chance at the opportunity in life. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do because it gives me a chance to see what the rest of the nation in other U.S cities has to offer. I know that someday we may have face with these life changing events and decisions but before you make a final decision, ask yourself if it’s the right thing for you and if you’re doing it for the right reason. People with autism also have these life changing opportunities as well like everyday people it just might take a bit longer but if you put your mind to your dream, it will become a true reality and it will make you feel empowered along with gratefulness. We all get to live young once and I think we all should enjoy life while we’re still young because we should have no regrets in life along with living life to the fullest. I may have Autism but I’m not going to let that stop me from living and enjoying life to the fullest.


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