Life and Understanding After Being Diagnosed with Autism

Getting diagnosed with Autism is a life changing moment not only for the person with Autism but also it’s life changing for parents and their families because as a person with autism, my family’s lives were changed forever when I was diagnosed because not only did they get the answer on what was going on but they now know how to help me in life. My message to the parents is that this isn’t your fault, God gave us autism for a reason and we also have special abilities that were given to us to use in our lives. There are going to be obstacles and challenges in life but if you have a dream that you want to achieve and that you believe in yourself , go for it and fight with all of your strength and heart. We all have a right to live life the way we want to live, we also deserve to give our kids the best of the best in life. When I was a kid, I used to think at times like “Why do I have Autism? What did I do wrong to get this?” but when I grew up, I began to understand better and started to accept who I really am as a person. My advice to the parents of kids with autism is don’t give up, things will get better with patience and time. Continue to take your child out in public more so that he or she can experience and learn things in the real world because when they become adults, they can have great and independent lives. I’m not ashamed of who I really am anymore, I’m thankful for what I’m doing to help more families with kids that have autism. You’re not alone and we all should come together and support one another in the autism community.


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