Learning Your Child’s Abilities

Kids with autism have special abilities and talents, I have super hearing, I have an amazing eye sight, and a great memory. We also have great talents in life including writing a blog, competing in sports, doing artwork, and many other talents that we were born with. Don’t be ashamed of who you really are because you have a lot to offer in society and in the world, we may be different than everyone else but we have the right to live life just like everyone else. I’ve had people in the past that had doubted me because I was different than they were, but I’ve proved them wrong with my talents and abilities. We all go through tragedies, challenges, and obstacles in life but with the help of those we love, we’re able to get through anything in our lives. Whatever your child’s talents and abilities are, I would encourage to let them explore their talent and ability because your kids can accomplish great things and touch people’s lives. There are things that we’re unable to control but what you do have control over is how you’re able to help your child and to give them the best of the best in their lives. We all have a purpose and destiny in this world, I know that my destiny and purpose in life is being able to help families of kids that have autism and to help the next generation. I believe that I can help a lot of families of kids that have autism and share my life experiences with autism to them, so that they can have hope for their children when they grow up and become adults. There is nothing to be ashamed of, your children are a blessing from God whether they have autism or not. Wherever you’re at, always do your best in your lives because it’s worth something and don’t listen to the negative criticism. Your child is a blessing because their worth something in life, in society, and in this world. Life is all about growth, change, and learning things in the real world. I would encourage every parent to do their very best for their child with autism, they have amazing talents and abilities to offer in society and the world.


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