Battling the Shadow of Judgement and Fighting Back

Even though Autism is getting noticed, there are people who still look and judge people with autism. I’ve seen and heard negative words that people use to describe us in a bad way. They think that we unable to fit in and that we can’t have a life in society and in the world. I have a message for those people who continue to look at us in a negative way, We are human beings like you but God made us special and we have a life purpose on Earth just like you. While we may have challenges and obstacles in life, we have a right to live life in this world and we also have goals and dreams in life. While it might take us longer to achieve our goals and dreams, we’ll never give up and we’ll never give in from the negative criticism who think that we can never go to school, adopt kids, get married to the person we care for, and many other things that typical people get to experience. I say that they’re wrong and while it may take us longer to get to those experiences in life, we will never give up on our goals and dreams. To the parents of kids with autism, my advice to you is don’t listen to the negative criticism because kids with autism have a lot to offer in their lives. You need to fight with all the strength in your hearts, so that they can have the best of the best in their lives and that they can have a life in society when they’re adults.


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