My Message of Hope to the Parents of Kids with Autism

My life had its challenges and triumphs but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. There’s nothing to be ashamed of your child with autism because children with autism have a lot of potential to give to society and to the world when they’re adults because we all deserve to live happy and having a great life with no regrets. I want to be able to live a happy and great life with no regrets on the things I do with my life, I know that my life will be different but I won’t let Autism define me for who I am as a human being because this is how I was created and I’m not ashamed of it either. My parents have sacrificed so much for me, so they could provide me the best of the best for me. I’m the person that I am today is because I’ve been put so much positive energy into myself as a human being and that I’m a part of society and the world. As your child with autism grows up into an adult, there’s going to be obstacles and challenges but things will get easier in time with patience and understanding. We’re all a part of society and in this world, your children has potential to offer in the world when they become adults and it’s gotten me to where I am now as an adult. While autism’s starting to be in the spotlight more lately, there are still people that continue to judge us in a negative and bad light in this world telling us that we should be euthanized, be put in an institution, and they also think that we have no chance at life. I have a message for those people who judge and treat us in a negative light, while we may have been born different and that we may think differently than you. We’re still human beings just like you, we may think and act differently but we still have lives just like you. We have a right to live life and do things like any other person in society and in this world. My message to the parents of kids that have autism is that don’t give up on your children, don’t listen to the negative criticism, be patient when you take your child with autism out in public, fight for your child in the best of your ability and strength, and love them unconditionally with all of your heart. I’m not sorry that I have autism anymore and I’m also not ashamed of who I am as a human being. We all shouldn’t be ashamed of ourselves for who we are because it’s how we were created and we should love ourselves for who we are as human beings in this world. I may have autism but I will not let autism stop me and bring me down from enjoying and living my life to the best of my ability.


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