Exciting and New Journey

Very sorry that I haven’t been blogging on here but a lot of exciting and busy things have been happening for me lately. My book (My Life Journey with Autism) is in the final stages and will be published soon, I also wanted to share that I now have a website and I have a second blog on the site as well, I hope you all can check out my website and be on the lookout for the release date of my book as well as future book signings and media interviews. It’s been a long and hard journey to get to where I am now and this journey will come to a close once the final touches are completed and then a new and exciting journey will begin when my book’s published and released for people to see. I want to thank my parents for being very supportive of me during this journey, thank you to my friends for being patient with me as I approach the final stages of the release of my book and last but foremost, I want to say thank you to my fans and followers for being apart of my journey on my blog. I have posted the link to my website for you all to check out and follow along future announcements of my book. I also have twitter and you guys are welcome to follow me on twitter at KarenWillis2009. Thank you all so much and stay tuned on my website.


Follow me on Twitter: KarenWillis2009
Follow me on Instagram: KarenWillis2009


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