Searching for A New Beginning in Life

I hope you all are having a great year in 2015 so far. 2015 has gotten off to a tough start because I’ve been going through some personal changes lately, but I’m hanging in there. 2014 was a very challenging but also had it’s good times, I’ve gone through a lot of emotional loss and it was the year of moving forward for me. I’ve made a tough decision a couple of months ago, I’ve felt that it was time to move on from my old church and the Presbyterian faith all together because it isn’t for me anymore and I didn’t felt comfortable being there anymore. I knew at that moment, it was time to make a big change for myself. I will always have a relationship with God but I can no longer be in a church family where all people aren’t accepted and I’m not a conservative person because I accept all people for who they are regardless of their religious beliefs, sexual orientation,and other beliefs. I’ve started my journey into finding a new church setting back in September of last year and I started visiting churches but the journey wasn’t easy because I had to face my toughest challenges which was meeting new people that I haven’t met before, however it was well worth it. I’ve now found a new church setting that I now call home and all I can say about it for right now is that I felt accepted and welcomed the first time that I walked through the door on the first Sunday of November last year and I’ve been going there ever since the first visit. I haven’t felt that much acceptance in a very long time in a church setting and I don’t have any regrets with the journey that I went on last year. There comes a time where we have to leave a church that we’ve known for so long for all kinds of reason which I won’t list but I’m more happier on Sunday mornings than I ever was before at my old church because I can start being myself more at my new church home. Don’t be afraid to make new changes because whatever the setting, you will feel more happy about yourself and you can be who you really are with no shame. I deserve to be happy with myself and be happy with my life because I’ve gone through so much emotional pain throughout my life and I’m at the point where I’m tired of being put down because of who I really am, I’m in the process of living my life as the person that I really am despite of the possible consequences but at this point, I could care less at this point because it’s my life and I refuse to be pushed around anymore. I may have autism but I don’t let it stop me from living the life that I want to live despite the challenges that I go through. People with autism are human beings just like everyone else, we just live life differently from the typical human.


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