Fighting For What You Believe In

We all have our own beliefs and things that we believe in, for an example like our political and religious beliefs. My beliefs are open minded and filled with inclusion of all people regardless of who they are but when I advocate for the disability community and causes that I believe in, I’m fired up and ready to fight for change. I also have my own beliefs with my christian faith but I’m not a conservative person by any means because I was taught to love and accept people regardless of who they are, I’ve come to discover new things that I’ve never thought that I knew that existed before. Not only I believe in God and Jesus but I embrace myself in the spirit of life as well because there’s a lot to life along with the humanity of living, you only have one opportunity to live the life that you want to embrace within yourself. I do what I do in my life because I care about not only my future but other folks’ futures with life in the disability community as well because we are human just like everyone else but we just live our lives differently than typical, we are all the same. My new minister has opened my eyes to things that I never seen within life before until now because we should all embrace not only ourselves with compassion and understanding but embrace it with other people regardless for who they are. I now embraced the spirit of life along with my God and Jesus, my faith over the years has made me more stronger and powerful with myself. I believe that you put your mind and define on what you believe in because it makes you a stronger and happier person with yourself. I know that I do what I do because it makes a difference in the lives of people with disabilities and it’s made me a stronger person. I’ve taken risks with my beliefs and I risk my own well safety because of possible bashing from others who may not agree but lately, I feel like I can care less regardless of what others think on my beliefs. I’m still same Karen, I just live life more differently than everyone else and I’m not changing myself for anyone which is just fine with me because I want to live life the way that I want to live with no shame and I have no regrets with my beliefs.


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