Hate and Ignorance Needs to Stop

It saddens and breaks my heart when I hear about news stories of all of the hate and discrimination going on nationwide regarding marriage equality because we shouldn’t be acting like this and I know for a fact that God wouldn’t like seeing this going on in our society and all over the world right now. I know that there are people that don’t agree with this but we shouldn’t be hating the folks who are in the LGBT community because they are human beings just like we are, I’ve been blessed to have met some amazing folks that are in the LGBT community over the past few months and they are so nice. When someone’s nice, loving and accepting towards me, I can’t hate them for just because they are being who they are as human beings. That is very wrong and not Christian like behavior at all when someone doesn’t accept and being compassionate to someone just because of them wanting to be themselves as people. We need to stop being hateful and ignorant to people who are different than everyone else because they are human just like we all are and people deserve to be themselves of who they are without any shame and fear. We all need to embrace and care one another with love, acceptance, and compassionate. I may be a Christian but I refuse to hate someone that has been nice and loving towards me just because of who they are as a person because I was taught by my parents to love and accept other people for who they are and that’s what I intend to do in my life. I desire positive change in society and in the world because we should be compassionate and accepting towards one another regardless of who we are which includes our religious beliefs, political beliefs, race, disability, sexual orientation, and other beliefs that we hold in our lives. We are human beings and we should be able to ourselves along with living the life that we want to live.


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