Setting the New Karen Free

I knew when I was a teenager, I felt that there was something more different with me than everyone else because of the fact that I couldn’t stand hearing “the talk” in a discussion and I didn’t like hearing all about it because it was mind nauseating to me. Last summer, I discovered something called asexuality and after seeing the documentaries along with stories of others who identify as asexual (I knew that was me and that I fitted that). After self discovery my new identity, I had to keep it a secret from my parents as much as I could because I was fearful that they wouldn’t accept me for who I am as a person and that they wouldn’t understand me at all. I came out as asexual to my parents a year ago on June 7th and since then, my parents still love, accept, and support me. I hope that someday, asexuality will get talked about more and also the asexual community will be accepted because we are human just like everyone else but we just don’t like “what goes down on the wedding night stuff (if you know what I mean). I know that it will be a challenge finding a romantic relationship and have the other person be ok with my asexuality because I’m never changing myself for anyone ever. Being asexual is who I am and I’m still Karen, but I’m ready to set myself free in happiness and be happy with who I really am as a person.

I’ve also found another part of myself as well this year. My faith with God and Jesus are very pure but I’m not a conservative type of Christian and I’ve longed to feel wanted along with acceptance in a church setting. On November of last year I’ve discovered Unitarian Universalist and it was a decision I don’t regret today because when I first visited the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Montgomery, I felt so much welcomed and loved by everyone there. It was a feeling that I haven’t felt in many years in church and the churches that I’ve attended in the past, while there were folks that were nice and kind but I felt excluded and I didn’t feel like they wanted me there because of my autism and possibly my skin color. For the first time in years, I look forward to Sundays than ever before because I now have a church family that’s always happy to see and I feel wanted. My faith with God and Jesus will never change but I’m now a Unitarian Universalist Christian.

I don’t know what’s next for me in my life but I still have my ambitious goals. I hope to be able to continue being an author and write more books in the future, I hope to be able to get a speaking career going and be able to travel across the nation to share my story on my life with autism as well to help educate society that people with autism are human just like everyone else but we just live life differently, and I’m hoping to someday either have a radio or tv talk show someday. I kinda want to become like Oprah for the autism and disability community because the families of kids and adults with disabilities go through a lot of trials in life and I want to be able to help give them peace of mind.

One thing is for sure, I’m going to start living life as the person that I am and keeping doing the things that I love doing in my life. I may be different but I’m still Karen and the nice person that my family and friends know of. Also, I know for a fact that I’ll have my family and friends supporting me no matter what I do in my life and I won’t have to deal with society alone.


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