Change Is Coming

So many changes happening lately especially in society. Marriage equality’s now legal nationwide, I’m excited because my friends in the LGBT community can finally marry the person that they love and while they are folks in the nation especially in the south who don’t like this change, I’m deciding to embrace it because I believe that people should be able to marry the person that they love and they are human beings just like everyone else.

We all experience change in our lives and seeing the people we love go forward in their lives including moving away for either career opportunity, retirement, and education wise. Although it’s hard to say goodbye to the person that’s leaving but I know that when I experience that change, I’m happy for the person even though it’s hard to see them go. I try to embrace that change even though it’s hard but I love seeing the people that I care about be happy.

I’ve been going through some changes of my own this year, I’m coming to terms of being a Unitarian Universalist Christian and that I have beliefs of inclusion for all people including the disability community. I want to make it official this year and join my UU church as a member, I also come to realization that I should be living the life that I want to live and living life in happiness too. We need to learn to embrace change even though some changes can be tough to accept but there are changes that can be good for us in our lives.

I don’t know what life has in store for me during the rest of 2015 and in future years but I hope that it’s going to be great things, I hope to start writing my second book sometime this year and travel as a speaker to share my life story with autism.


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