When Will the Bullying Be Stopped For Good?

It breaks my heart and sends me on fire within me when I see a story and video on social media of a child or an adult with autism and other disabilities being bullied physically and other forms of being bullied by other people who don’t care about anyone but themselves and making fun of others who aren’t like them at all. Bullying is an issue close to home for me personally because I was a victim of bullying in public school and after school and summer programs. My bullying was mild and no physical beatings but I was called names in the 4th grade by my teacher and she was basically the main bully but after she calls a student names, the other classmates would laugh at his or her’s face. I was emotionally bullied by my teacher the most because of her not wanting to understand my autism and she almost made a fellow student punch me in the face but he didn’t.

The bullying however was much worse at the after school and summer program at the YMCA. The kids there would call me names because of my weight and they would exclude me from their fun which was very hurtful and my self esteem dropped as well. I would sit alone by myself and no was there to include, I always couldn’t wait to leave and go home where I felt the most safe. I was at the point to where I didn’t look forward to going to school everyday anymore because of what lied ahead once I got there and I didn’t want to go back to the Y anymore because of the emotional torture that would come my way once I arrived.

I felt that all hope of escaping my prison of emotional pain and bullying would never end and I almost thought of ending my suffering by taking my own life because there was no escape and no hope anymore but something told me otherwise like an angel came to me in my sleep telling me that it was going to be alright. I’m so grateful for my parents taking me out of the public school system because if they hadn’t done it, I think that my bullying situation would’ve gotten worse and I probably wouldn’t be alive today.

We need to come together and put an end to bullying because we lost too many victims of bullying and we’ll lose more people if we don’t put a stop to bullying. I want to be able to help prevent more tragedies because victims of bullying either try to harm themselves or worse, they take their own lives because they felt that there was no other way out. If you see anyone being bullied in any form, go stand up for the person and stand up against the bullies. Sadly, people with autism and disabilities are at a higher risk of being bullied in their lives and I believe the real cure of that is by showing them unconditional love, compassion, and acceptance.


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