Why the Marriage Penalty Movement is Very Important?

The Marriage Penalty movement (Marriage Equality for People With Disabilities) is a movement that the disability community has been waiting for to happen in such a long time because people with disabilities who are on services like SSI and Medicaid have been waiting to get married to the person that they love for a very long time. In case you don’t know what the marriage penalty is, I’ll give you the insight on it. While technically people with disabilities can get married, however they would face harsh and devastating penalties with their services that have to help them live independently. Living with a disability costs a lot of money to live independently and without those services, we would be forced in places that we don’t belong in. We belong in society and in our communities, we deserve to have the right to equality just like everyone else. People with disabilities still can’t get married without facing the risk of penalties with our services and that’s just unfair by all means. It’s important that this movement to get rid of the marriage penalty happens now because people with disabilities deserve to get married and keep their services un penalized.

I have exciting news to share with you guys, I’ve been asked to volunteer as a state leader in this movement, also there will be rallies on this movement starting in five cities New York City, New York San Francisco, California Washington DC, Montgomery, Alabama Duluth, Minnesota and Southern Ohio along with Cincinnati Ohio If anyone is interested in getting involved, contact Dominick Evans at dominick@marriageequalitypwd.org and he’ll add you on the mailing list. Also, if you’re on Facebook check out the Marriage Equality for People with Disabilities Facebook page and the t shirts for this movement are available on booster.com. The T shirts cost only $15 dollars and the money would go to help the campaign for this movement. I hope that you guys would consider getting involved in this movement and ordering a t shirt because this movement has been in the waiting for years and it’s time that people with disabilities have equality to getting married and keeping their services, it’s time to come together and to finally get rid of the marriage penalty.



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