Starting a New Life

A lot has changed over the years for me and in my life as well. My life in Millbrook had it’s highs and low as well as good memories but as I get older and made new friends over the years through self advocacy, it’s got me wondering how happy am I here and how happy am I in the Birmingham area. Ever since I came out, I’ve lost everything that I knew and I’ve also lost old friends that I knew in the past but it is what it is. I feel that although I’ve had happy memories here, however I’ve also had emotional trials including the times of me being bullied in the school system. I’m coming to the realization that my time in the place I’ve known for so long is coming to a close and also the fact that the Montgomery area doesn’t have the autism resources and support that I need, I’m considering a big change and making the move to the Birmingham area at some point because Birmingham has the autism resources and support that I need and it’s taking me now to come to full realization of this fact. I was hesitate at first because I was scared of big change but after meeting friends that are in the Birmingham area and losing everything here, I realize that I need to make a change and need to make the move to the Birmingham area. This will be the biggest change that I’ve ever had to do in my life but it happens for everyone especially for people with disabilities, I’m the happiest when I’m up there with friends that love and accept me for who I am as a person as well as wanting me around. I’m excited for the day that I’ll move to the Birmingham area and start a new chapter in my life but at the same time, it will be hard to let go a place that I’ve known for so long and lived in for so long.


2 responses to “Starting a New Life

  1. I am so glad that you know what you need and not afraid to make the necessary changes needed to grow and go in the direction you desire. Best of luck on your journey or should I say adventure. I think you will love living in Birmingham.

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