Enough is Enough

I’m beyond devastated, upset and angered to the max when I learned that there was a shooting at a development disability center in California today that killed 14 and injuring 20. As a person with a disability, hearing this was very personal to me because people with disabilities are human just like everyone and they deserve a chance at life. Any story that involves disability of any kind or anyone that helps us navigate our lives with services and resources, the lioness comes out from within me because the 14 people that died and the 20 people that were injured didn’t deserve this at all. No person with a disability deserves to be a victim of violence of any kind, we are human and we deserve to live life just like everyone else. When will our federal leaders can put their differences aside and come together to put an end to gun violence? People with disabilities deserved to be treated respectfully and equally just like everyone else as human beings. I really hope that the victims and their families get justice that they deserve because no one deserve this including the people with disabilities that were receiving services today when the shooting took place.

This is why I love and passionate at what I do as a disability rights activist because people with disabilities like myself deserve a chance at life in society and in their communities, also to be treated respectfully, equally, and to have the same rights as everyone else  because we are human beings and after today, I’m not going to be slowing down and I will be getting more involved in the disability rights movement.

Namaste and Blessed Be!


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