Missing the Christmas Spirit and Moving On

We’ve entered in that time of year again as Christmas is this Friday. Although I enjoy celebrating Christmas and doing Christmas eve tradition where I would make cookies for Mr and Mrs. Santa Claus (known as my parents) but it’s fun to do even though I’m not a child anymore as well as opening one present before Christmas. This Christmas season has been the most difficult for me and my parents, it’s also been the most lonely because I didn’t get to experience any Christmas fun this year and neither did my dad. The reason it’s been lonely and sad for me this year is because ever since I’ve came out and the new Karen being re born, I’ve lost all of my friends in Millbrook from what I could tell because they didn’t like the new me and for who I was as a person. Even though I have my parents and my new church family being supportive as well as accepting of me, I still feel alone and sad within myself. There has been a void inside of me and I feel that I have fill it up with something but it’s never fully healed as of yet. 2015 although had a few good things happened, it’s mostly been a living hell and I can hardly wait for 2016 to arrive.


One response to “Missing the Christmas Spirit and Moving On

  1. I’m so sorry 2015 had been lack luster for you. I too hope 2016 is much better for you. As for those “friends” who are no longer…they were never real to begin with. Real friends love you for who you are, especially the true you. Don’t worry. You sound like a lovely person. I believe God will send you new friends and life will be very pleasant again.

    Many Blessings to you and your family.

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