Here we go again

This week, Alabama State Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore has done it again and is once again trying to stop marriage equality in Alabama. When I heard of this news, I was angry and pissed off because he should know that the National Supereme Court rules over all court systems across the nation and marriage equality is now the law of the land. Justice Roy Moore had his chances to do his job and he’s failed time and time again. It’s time that Roy Moore either resigns or be thrown in jail for not following the law.

This Tuesday at the steps of the Alabama State Supreme Court, the LGBT community will come together and to see that Roy Moore gets thrown out and I will be going down there to be among the community despite the risk I’m willing to take at this rally. I’m anxious on what could go down because this is my LGBT rally/protest ever and I’m nervous that our opposition could arrive or security might threaten us with arrest. Despite the possible risks, I refuse to let these bigot bullies in our state government play with my rights like a puppet anymore. This has now become very personal for me, now that I’m out because I’m not only a person with a disability or identifying in the LGBTQ community but I’m most of all, I’m a human being and I deserve to have rights as well as be treated respectfully. I have a feeling that we have a long battle ahead of us to see that Alabama has marriage equality once and for all and I’m willing to risk myself to make sure of this.


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