The Fight is Far From Finished

Tonight, I watched the State of the State address given by Governor Bentley. I have mixed feelings of the address, although there are some things that I agree with but the one of thing that’s making me furious is the fact that he once again excluded the disability community. It makes me furious when he excludes Alabamians with disabilities because I think that our state legislators think that we stay indoors and do nothing with our lives but the truth is people with disabilities in Alabama are citizens and Alabamians just like everyone else, we just live life in a different way than the typical citizen. We live among in communities in Alabama including the work force, social settings, recreational, and in churches. We also have the same rights just like everyone else including the right to vote because there are people with disabilities in Alabama that do vote including yours truly.

I agree that Alabama needs to get out of the bottom and back to the top among states but Governor Bentley also excluded disability rights issues in Alabama. Disability issues in Alabama should be very important too because there are limited services and also we’re in the bottom 50 when it comes to disability services, that also needs to change too in Alabama including getting autism insurance reform as well. It’s time that the disability community stand together and show our state government that we are Alabamians just like everyone else, also that disability issues in Alabama need to be taken seriously too.

The fight for equality for Alabamians with disabilities is far from finished but that doesn’t mean I’m backing down either, it’s time to work together to make Alabama better for all state citizens. I hope that you’ll join me in this fight because people with disabilities and their voices deserve to be heard and respected.



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