Preparing to Take a Stand

The past several weeks have been heartbreaking and devastating while witnessing so much hate and bigotry in the world and across the United States. Where’s the love and peace not only in the world but also in humanity and with one another? It breaks and saddens my heart to see people hurting one another especially towards minority groups and that hurts me in my heart personally as an African American, a person with disability, a Unitarian Universalist and as a gay woman. I’ve been feeling terrified and afraid of the next four years because I don’t want to lose my rights but I’m prepared to fight alongside with others that share my beliefs but also with my brothers and sisters of the LGBT and disability community because this kind of hate and bigotry will not be tolerated, we are better than this . I fully believe in America and its true potential of being an inclusive place for all people, I also believe in a world where there’s love along with peace towards humanity. It’s time to prepare to stand together and fight for a better world, also we need to stop fighting towards each other and start not only caring but love another one.


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