2016 was Hell and Intentions for 2017

2016 has been the most depressing in my life and almost came close to wanting to end my pain this year, along with scratching and self harming myself. I came out over the summer and since then, 2016 was hell and a living nightmare for me because of losing a lot of people in my life. I’m unable to say anything good about this year because it was the most depressing for me and the election results was the ultimate breaking point for me because I never felt so hurt and betrayed in my life from society and especially from God and religion. This year, I started to feel more spiritual but not religious lately even though I love God and Jesus but my spirituality is with Unitarian Universalism and kindness along with humanity because it fits me and feels right to me, I never really understood religion or the bible in the first place even growing up as a child but my love for God and Jesus remains just not in the typical way anymore. I refuse to call Trump my president because he doesn’t deserve it from me after he mocked the disability community which I’m apart of along with the fact that Pence doesn’t like me and my brothers and sisters of the LGBT community and I don’t give a damn what folks think but Trump and Pence will never ever be my president and vice president because they are bullies and for no one but themselves and the wealth.
In 2017, I will be getting more involved with activism especially with the Trump Resistance Movement and I will not be shutting up either because I care for humanity and the planet that God the ultimate creator of humanity along with the creator of the universe created for us to love and take care of it. Also, I’ll be starting the process of getting my second service dog and it will be much helpful for me. I’m going to be more involved with advocating and plan to attend more rallies and protests because humanity and the world deserve better along with protecting not only my rights as an LGBT woman, a person with a disability, and African American and everyone else’s rights but also fight alongside my brothers and sisters of the LGBT community and disability community because hate and bigotry will not stand on my watch. I also want to get my book My Life Journey with Autism out to more people in the country in 2017. Also, I will be more vocal on my social media including this page and if Trump dares mock another person with a disability again, he will be hearing from me because I will not allow any politician to treat people with disabilities like non existed anymore because we are human beings too and we deserve to have the same rights as everyone else. Thanks to the politicians here in Alabama and now Congress along Trump and Pence, they have unleashed the rage and the lioness within me now to keep fighting and protesting against hate and intolerance.
Hope 2017 treats you all well and have a happy new year!

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