Victory for Autism Insurance in Alabama But Personal Loss


It’s been a long time coming and after seven years of advocating, Alabama’s now an Autism Insurance Reform state and became the 46th state. I’m grateful for our allies that have been on our side in the fight for autism insurance and I thank them for everything they’ve done to help make this a reality. Although this is a victory for the autism community, this is a personal loss for me because it won’t benefiting me and my fellow adults on the autism spectrum and once again we are excluded by our state government since they decided to put an age cap of 18. Seeing them do that especially the fact that my senator voted for it was a slap in the face and has crushed me emotionally into many pieces inside, I never felt so worthless and unwanted in my life until now. This was the final string to lean me towards to getting out of here with my parents when they retire in two years because I no longer matter in Alabama anymore and I don’t think state leaders will ever understand that Autism is lifelong and that it never goes away ever especially at 18 years old, also I’m tired of adults with autism like myself being excluded over and over again in our state government. That’s not fair to me and my parents but it’s definitely not fair to other adults with autism and their families. Ever since they did this, I’ve been very depressed along with feeling worthless, unwanted and didn’t feel like I belong because my parents still won’t be able to afford any help for me and it just tears me apart inside because I know that my parents love me to death and that they would do anything for me if they were able. Today, Alabama has become the 46th state for autism insurance reform and the bill has been signed into law but there are still four states that still don’t have this and these families need this in the other four states.


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