The Journey to Becoming a Service Dog Handler

My new journey to becoming a service dog handler started in February of this year when my parents agreed that I should have a second service dog and that it was time to find Marlin’s successor because I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxieties as well as becoming more withdrawn lately, it will be a psychiatric service dog. Marlin was a great service dog but he had to retire because he got over protected when he bit a door to door sales person after she tried to get into my house, Marlin still does his duties at home and he’s a happy dog along with his brother Scrappy (my first dog). Things have gotten stressful during this journey, our first choice turned me down even though they’ve encouraged us to re apply and my parents are going to re apply but we’re also looking at other service dog organizations that does psychiatric service dogs to apply with as well in case the first choice doesn’t work out again. The process has been stressful and frustrating but I know that it’s going to be well worth it because my future service dog will be very helpful especially when I’m out in public places. Before I end tonight’s blog, I want to say I’m sorry that I haven’t been blogging like I was supposed to but I had two deaths in the family and had to go out of town for the funerals of my Aunt Glenda on my dad’s side of family, she passed away unexpectedly in late May and my Great Uncle Billy on my mom’s side of family passed away last month. I’m doing my very best to post on the blog as much as I’m able to, have a good week everyone.



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