Crossroads in Life

Is there a time in life where you’re facing to which direction to go towards next? Are there things in life that you dreamed of wanting to do via bucket list to become a reality? Lately, I feel like I’m coming to that part in my life since turning 26 two weeks ago today and I’m at a point in my life where I’m starting to look at towards where I’m heading next in life including re evaluating some things in my life as well because I want to enjoy life and do the things on my future bucket list. Living with anxiety and depression can be very difficult and tiring but I try to live life in the best of my ability, I know that there will be good days but also there will be bad days. There were times in my life that I’ve thought about taking my own life in the past and had done self harm to myself but I’m determined not to take my own life because I’m needed with my family and those that love me along with caring of me. Even though I’m a gay woman, I have days where I still have a hard time accepting the person that I really am and not what people want me to be because of the criticism in the deep south and it’s hard to deal with that but I surround myself with those that love and support me including my brothers and sisters of the LGBT community. I have Asperger’s and always will have it because it’s lifelong but I’m not ashamed of it despite my bad days, I want to keep inspiring others and advocating what I believe in.

We all have certain famous folks that we look up to and that we can relate to, there’s one person that I feel that I can relate with the most and he’s the kind of human being that I want to become, I’m talking about Darren Hayes (lead singer of Savage Garden). I feel that I can relate with him the most that any of famous person out there because we both share some things in common like we’re both gay, we both have mental illness, we were both bullied at a young age and we both share the same political views including being activists in the resistance movement. I’ve followed him in his music career since I was a child and now I follow him on social media along with all that he does, I love seeing the things he displays on his page because he’s not ashamed of being the person that he really is and I love being around people like him that are compassionate and loving towards everyone. It’s my dream to one day meet him in person as well as hear from him on social media because he’s the kind person that I want to be around when I’m with other people.

With love and kindness,



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